3 comments on “Reader Review Request: Something, Anything

  1. This may have been my top film of 2014 if not for “Starry Eyes”; two very different types of movies, but both can inspire you to leave materialism behind and cling closer to God. At least was the case for me.

    I actually think they did a good job with the husband here and wasn’t over-the-top. He didn’t cheat on her or yell at her or become angry, etc. He actually felt like an authentic worldly man who did genuinely love his wife, but he loved his ambitions even more. Many husbands are like this; this is a huge reason divorce rate is so high. This guy was clueless as to what women really want and need, much like many husbands. This guy will have no problem getting married again and will treat his next wife the same way, but maybe if this time he marries an ambitious woman like himself, the marriage would stick and they could become a power couple and be happy together in that shallow lifestyle.

    Another thing about this film is I loved the ending; it didn’t go the cliche route and did something I thought was unpredictable.

    I also liked the way it inspired you to evaluate your life and relationship with God, but yet without being preachy or on-the-nose. It took you to a place and let you draw your own conclusions. Like God says “My Sheep will know my Voice” and I think this is the kind of film God can speak to people through.

    • Your last paragraph is a great summary of this movie. Definitely not on-the-nose, it doesn’t force any conversion moments or any similar traps that many Christian films fall into.
      I do get why you liked the ending, but for me it added a bit to the frustration of how indecisive this woman is, like I had mentioned in emails. BUT, given her tragedy it’s still understandable.
      Thanks for the comments, and for the suggestion Gary!

      • No man, she wasn’t indecisive at all…

        SPOILERS: (if you have not watched, skip this comment!)

        She was putting God first and feels by the timeframe she gave him, that she would be in a better place and ready for a relationship. She didn’t want to date while being legally married. She knew it would be a tough time for her and didn’t want to drag him in it; she needed to go through that process with God and get closer and more mature in God; by the time that process is over, and she is ready for a true and mature relationship, she tells him if he is serious then to come and find her…because ultimately a woman wants the faith tale and to be swept off her feet. She wasn’t going to chase him; and if he never comes then she’s still content being single or waiting until she finds what she wants/needs in another man…

        So, I would say she is very decisive…and was confident and mature enough to follow through. A lot of women know what they want, but are too weak to actually wait for it, and settle for something less. This movie displays great strength for a woman going through a tough time and learning how to put God first. This is why I revere it the way I do.

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