3 comments on “Minions: Blah

  1. Ironic that reviews I’ve seen are very much along the lines that you’ve presented. Not outstanding but not flat out bad either. Maybe it’s the fact that these creatures are visually adorable that I’m just going to take my adult (and admittedly) geeky self to see this…..;)

    • Thank you for the comment. They are adorable; I can’t take that away from them. I have spoken with several people since this write up that went to see it and they walked away feeling the same.

      Let me know what you think of the movie.

      • Okey dokey. I went. I sat. (And sat through what felt like a never ending parade of trailers. Oy.) I then proceeded to giggle and snicker through the timeline from the Minions’ birth and on through to every pop culture 60’s reference. A special joy was the Busby Berkley/Gower Champion-esque production number that the tribe stages for its’ abominal (sp?), snow man “master” just before he gets clunked by a chunk of ice. And I got a big chuckle out of Queen Elizabeth’s overbite, to say nothing of her holding forth in a brew pub. That was inspired, LOL! As for the voices, Jon Hamm was note perfect and while Sandra Bullock wasn’t bad, I found myself wondering how someone like Anne Hathaway (“Rio”) might have handled Scarlett.

        Yes, the film was thin on story but the main through line I latched on to (besides what you mentioned originally), was that, no matter which one of the “Big 3” Minions was being focused on, they looked out for each other, even while being distracted to a greater or lesser degree. And in Kevin’s taking on the final “bomb” and seemingly “sacrificing” himself to save the tribe, I could see a direct tie to Christ sacrificing Himself that we might live. That may admittedly be a bit of a stretch there because the next thing you know here comes the next villain (Young Mr. Gru), to turn their heads. It was here that I appreciated the way he was woven into the final sequences with the remaining fillaments of that thinning material.

        Stars? From where I was sitting I’d say I’m in line with your kids at that solid rating of 4. Geeky? Yeah, but I still had fun.

        God Bless.

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