5 comments on “Chappie: The Implications of Man as Creator

  1. I like your post here. Sad that Chappie was terrible terrible terrible but it was an interesting idea. Let’s hope the director does not ruin his Alien project by having any of the Chappie-ness rub off on it.

    • I was really surprised at how bad it was too, because I really liked Elysium. I really think it was more trite than trainwreck; Blomkamp just slipped into the same old ways of doing scifi movies in the same genre. So all of that to say: just don’t make the Alien project another horror film.

      • A big hung that ruined it for me were those terrible s African talentless rappers. Everything about them drove me nuts. From the way they walked and talked to their yellow and pink painted weapons. Those haircuts were awful! The one member of their gang, the guy from The Walking Dead fame, was okay so I knew he was dead for it was only a matter of time. Jackman you could tell was only flown in for a bit and was off set for most of the film. He very much felt like the interloper and his character had absolutely no depth. Overall it was the character building that was over the top flawed here. Put it in the future and I guess it is science fiction. Without character development or a reason to care it is just…crap. Crappie chappie I guess. 🙂

        • I don’t think I agree with regards to Jackman’s character. There may not have been a bunch of time spent on him, but that’s because he wasn’t the main character. For the part he played in the film, I thought he was good, and the gangsters, while a bit odd, were acted well in my opinion. The execution was fine, it was the story that was really lacking. But we do agree on the end result, because good execution of a bad story is a still a bad story.

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