5 comments on “Frozen vs. Tangled: The Results are In….

  1. As a father of two girls (2 and 4 yrs old), these two movies are played non-stop in our household. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this debate. Great job guys!

    • Happy! Thanks for reading, man. Glad you liked our debate. I’m a bit behind you with two daughters, (my oldest is 2 with a second girl on the way), but these two movies play constantly at our house too! Great hearing from you!

  2. I totally think Tangled was a much superior film! I think that largely is from one of the most interesting and menacing villains in a long time (I am surprised it only won with 58%), but I do agree Frozen’s soundtrack should have won big time.

    • Yeah, Andrew! I think the 58% win for Villains just shows Gene is a true competitor, capable of mustering an argument (when there’s no “real” argument to be made). Thanks for reading!

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