3 comments on “Jurassic World: When the Egg Cracks

  1. Interesting views on this bigger, grander version of the “dinosaur as monster” film with more teeth for the money. I just caught the original “Jurassic Park” with it’s beautifully atmospheric score by John Williams and must admit up front (having not seen the current release), how truly amazing the special effects were for that era in film circa 1993 (or there abouts). Particularly terrifying was the encounter of the kids trapped in the suv while the 9000 lb. amniatronic prop tried to overturn it so as to have it’s midnight snack. That scene was so vividly presented as to make one a bit, shall we say, spoiled, for just about anything that has since come after it. Maybe it’s because we take CGI magic for granted even though it still has the ability to wow us beyond what we’ve come to expect.

    The brute strength of this aforementioned CGI, becomes a crutch for the “storytelling” aspect of a film such as this. Instead of using some of those “plot points” and specific scenes illustrated in this review as a jumping off point for a “twist” on the original material, the screenwriter looks to be a tad lazy, figuring that anybody new to the film (not having seen JP #’s 1-3), will just go along with this one without bothering to check out what came before. That first film was pretty rich in terms of the tale being told, the visuals and irony, considering that in this day and age scientists are still trying to “Play God” with genetic engineering and shady promoters are still trying to get rich despite the possibility of collateral damage where none was intended. Such is mankind where some things never seem to change.

    Thanks for an intriguing read.

    • I appreciate your insight. If I can walk away as a watcher and not a reviewer, it’s a great film and very well done. I did appreciate the fact that NOT EVERYTHING was CGI; they did use some robotics as well.

      I really did not mind many of the duplicated views, as they were monumental to the original JP. I just really did not expect to see so many of the set-ups duplicated.
      As you said, maybe a little more laziness than should have been in the script preparation. However, definitely worth the movie ticket.

      Thank you again for your input.

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