17 comments on “Seven Deadly Sins of Theater-Going

  1. ALL THAT CRACKLING WHEN OPENING YOUR FREAKIN’ CANDY! Seems like it takes 3-5 minutes. Do that BEFORE the movie!!

  2. Love the shout out to BP. David and Tyler have some hilarious stories about their experiences with obnoxious theater goers. #7 for me is underage kids in inappropriate movies. When I saw The Dark Knight in the theater (the first time), there was a couple two rows ahead of me who had, not one, but two toddlers with them! Inevitably, crying, talking, and potty breaks occurred throughout the whole movie, which was massively distracting. Not only that, but have some respect for your three year old who is probably going to have nightmares after watching such a dark and age inappropriate film. If you can’t afford a babysitter, wait until Redbox!

    • I had similar experiences with every action/violent movie I’ve ever seen in a theater. I feel so bad for the kids, and I am frustrated that someone would be so inconsiderate to their fellow movie-goers.

    • Thanks Sean! It’s funny you mention kids because I’ve also ranted on that…


      In my case someone had brought their baby to Ghost Rider! I’m telling you, this kid was probably 1 year old. My oldest is 7 and while he enjoys most of the superhero movies out nowadays, I’m not comfortable yet taking him to the theater to watch those. Better seen in the comfort and control of home. Maybe in a few years.

  3. Right behind talking during the movies would be YOUR PHONE! Put it on silent (not vibrate)–there are at least 3 reminders before every movie. Don’t text, twitter, Facebook, etc. DON’T LOOK AT IT! The noise and light is SO disturbing and distracting. And certainly DON’T answer it! (that would fall under rule #1, only even more annoying).

    • I agree. Turn it off or put it on airplane mode. People can live without their smart phones for 120 minutes.

    • Yeah, definitely. Now I do have to say that there are times I’ve pulled my phone out to make a note on something that I want to bring up in a review later. BUT, I’m always sure to situate myself so I’m not bothering anyway. Many times that means sitting in the back row. Also, my schedule is such that I catch many movies on Monday or Thursday nights. So in a small town there is usually just a couple other people there at the time. Good comment though!

  4. Are you kidding? No PHONE-related sins? Last year this girl actually ANSWERED her freaking phone in the middle of the movie! And she was sitting right next to me. I thought my head was going to explode. But then I was caught in this quandary: Do I say something to the Arclight (fancy movie theater in Hollywood) staff, thereby causing further disruption as well as missing some of the movie? Or do I say nothing and let this person’s appalling rudeness go by without alerting to the fact that it is completely unacceptable? I sat there stunned and decided to continue watching the movie.

    • Oh wow, answering the phone is a definite LEAP over the line! I probably would’ve said something to the person in that case. If you gotta take a call, step out of the theater.

  5. Texting and attempting to hide the light by shielding it from the movie screen. But I am sitting *behind* you and can see it very well….

    • Hahaha, yeah… I’ve been guilty of that before. I will sit in the back row if I plan to review a movie and expect to be taking some notes. I also typically go during times when very few people are there, if anyone at all. Good point though Elise, I gotta be more conscious of that.

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