17 comments on “Mad Max: Fury Road – Hoping for Redemption

    • Hmmmm, all good questions. I would say it’s definitely a good movie for guys to see with their friends. Have you seen the first three Mad Max movies? However you took those will be similar to how you take this one. Do you REALLY want me to tell you anything about the ending???

      • Yes. Because if they don’t get to the safe, green place, then all that violence would be for naught. And I’ll be sad. Wait–no. Don’t tell me the end. I didn’t like the other Mad Max movies, so your point is that I wont like this one, either. Thanks, Gene!

      • Surprised I can still post on here. When I told the last poster Avengers 2 was terrible, I thought he was going to ban me! lol. 🙂

          • I know, I was just kidding. I’m thinking one of you guys should probably do an “Ex Machina” review. It’s vastly fascinating. I just don’t know how I felt about that ending. It’s definitely an experience.

            • I’ve heard a lot of good about it. There is a movie on Netflix called The Machine. Do you know if it’s similar?

              • I have seen “The Machine” and it’s pretty good, but very different from “Ex Machina”. Both are worth a watch. I loved Alicia Vikander’s performance in Ex Machina.

    • It really was. In terms of the story that’s not much of a change from Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome. Max was always pulled into some else’s goal or plan. But in Fury Road we got. A much more intimate look into the mind of those whom Max was helping. To the point where Max felt almost like a supporting character.

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  3. Fury Road is a great action adventure, but a lot of people do hesitate because of the violence and subject matter. It’s a pretty bleak world, but the hope and self-sacrifice all the characters display is beautiful. I liked the three-way comparison of the different saviors. I’d never thought about it like that.

    • Thanks! It is quite violent but you expect that from a Mad Max flick. The savior comparison is something that came to me when thinking about what each character wanted. What was their end-game.

      By the way, if you like what you read here be sure and check us out at ReelWorldTheology.com, we have merged with them beginning this new year. Lots of good content always going up. Thanks for reading!

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