6 comments on “Avengers 2: AofU Is it worth the hype?

  1. Dude, I couldn’t disagree more! LOL. This movie was a total bust. A lot of fans of the first film are slamming it on the IMDB board. I even walked out with 45 minutes left and got a pass from the theater. The action sequences felt uninspired and recycled from the other Marvel films. There was nothing new or intriguing. The BW/Hulk romance was laughable and felt forced. Showing up on Blackhawk’s farmhouse felt forced. And Ultron was a huge letdown; he was hardly harrowing as they made him out to be on the trailer. He felt like a leftover transformer from the Transformers franchise! LOL.

    I typically talk to Gene the most on here, so am not sure if I know you. I used to have a blog “With A Friend Like Gary” but I revamped it. I have this blog on my blogroll on my homepage. Just b/c I disagree with a lot of reviews on here doesn’t mean I won’t still stop by and read when I get a chance.

    So, here is a link to my Avengers review on my blog. You don’t have to read the whole thing if you don’t want, but I wanted you guys to have the link to my new blog to follow regardless.

    I’m a much bigger fan of the “Dark Knight” trilogy and Ledger’s Joker and Hardy’s Bane. I need my villains to have eyes and a soul. I can’t take the computer generated villains serious.


    • Okay Gary, so you didn’t like it.
      You went on the attack and ripped it apart.

      It takes a lot more than someone to disagree with me to make me go all Hulk-Smash ballistic on them, especially when they are respectful.

      So, in the way that you appear to really enjoy horror films and review them with intensity and enjoyment, that’s how I see hero films. I like some horror films, but it’s not my favorite genre. I would never plan to write a review for a horror film for our blog, unless it was specifically requested. I grew up with classic horror like King Kong, Godzilla, Them, Poltergeist, etc. I watched them on the Sammy Terry show with my mom and I’ve continued to watch horror films since. It’s just not my favorite genre and I really have to be in the mood to watch one.

      Comic books, superheroes, action figures, Cosplay… that’s my world. I’m a comic geek and a hero nerd. I’ve painted my PT Cruiser to be a Stark Mobile. I hand crafted a Wolverine costume for myself, and Daken and X23 ones for 2 of my children to attend Indy Comic Con this past march. This IS my genre.

      Are there things in Avengers 2 that are recycled. Sure. There has to be. Number one, it’s a sequel. Number 2, it’s based on comics that have been around since the 1940’s that have been writing “save the world” stories for 75+ years.

      For example, You mentioned Fury showing up in he barn on your blog, no surprise there because we have seen that before. You are totally right! That’s the point. Fury is the guy that works in the shadows in the Marvel universe and he doesn’t stick his head out until his team needs rallied or a member needs a swift kick. They are staying true to the comics. A fanboy like myself appreciates that.

      I personally like the one line humor that the writers in marvel add. Is it what you would expect in an action movie? No. However, “I’ll be back,” has been said how many times and it’s being repeated once again this summer in yet another Terminator film. It’s the comic book genre. It’s the hero realm. One liners given during a gigantic fight scene can either explain the mind-frame of the person OR break up the tension on if the world will implode or not.

      You mention the IMDB board. Honestly, and not trying to be offensive at all, I pay about as much attention to their ratings of genres that I’m interested in as I do the Oscar selections. People get paid to see a movie and write about it or people just like to bust a movie apart that is getting a lot of hype, and others see a movie weekly because it’s just what they do. Some are honest. Some are not. I seldom pay to see a movie ion a theater. I have 4 kids and barely the time or money to do it. So when I review a new release it’s truly one that I have chosen to see with purpose and out of interest.

      2 points I wanted to look at from a different point of view than you saw it. Hawkeye’s farm: I personally loved this! Hawkeye is often a lone wolf and seldom do we get to know what is beyond the archer, old assassin, friend of Widow, but quick comeback Avenger. You see into the personal life of Rogers, Stark, Thor, Banner, and even Widow has her secrets exposed throughout the Marvel movies. However, Hawkeye is a mystery as to why he is often alone. BOOM! He has a farm and secrets hidden there that he doesn’t want anyone else to know about. You see him change from the cold withdrawn archer to a soft person with feelings. He lives 2 lives.

      With Ultron, he was anything but a let down to me. I was afraid that he would be nothing but a tear them from limb to limb type of bad guy and they would destroy his persona. They kept true, other than the look, to his actual character. He is a product of Hank Pym, a genius scientist that has an inner drive to protect the world at all cost. Ultron comes forth as the ultimate protection weapon, but he’s faulty because Pym’s reasoning and personality is often faulty. [This was why I didn’t mind Stark becoming his creator. Both are egocentric.] However, throughout the Marvel Universe, Ultron has a goal and reasoning and he will constantly try to reason and use logic as to why his way is the only sensible solution. He’s quirky. He’s ruthless. He’s an abstract thinker. He never shuts up. That’s what they put up on the screen.

      Now, I’m not trying to change your mind on this film. It’s not your cup of tea. It doesn’t even seem like your cup of spoiled leftover milk. I get that.

      I often think that you will have 2 groups of people seeing hero movies: fans and nonfans. The fans will either love it or hate it and that’s usually going to be due to the adherence to comic guidelines and character persona. The nonfans will usually either expect it to be a normal action film and not “far-fetched” or they will take it at face value. For instance, one person’s blog that I read last year reviewed Frozen and Thor 2. He loved the singing snowman, but thought it was stupid that a guy could fly using a magic hammer. It’s all fiction, my friend. It’s not meant to be real.

      Hero movies are taking what has been printed on the pages of comics and graphic novels for 75+ years and putting it on the big screen and letting our eyes enjoy only what only our minds could allow to happen for so many years.

      I do appreciate your comment.

      As I said, differing opinions never bother me when it’s done with respect.

  2. I didn’t think I disrespected you or anyone who did like the movie. I’m just tired of the emphasis being more on technology than story in these movies. CGI graphics over physical locations, stunts and prosthetics. I mean how can Ultron compare with The Joker or Bane, who are real people. Even General Zod from Man of Steel. I’m saying when you make a movie chocked full of computer graphics, you really have a video game or animation. There’s no real intimacy. It feels imitative and artificial. Intimacy is what sets the tone and creates genuine emotions. Most of these Marvel films lack that, and that’s the problem I have with it. I’m not a big fan of comic books, but I will watch anything from any genre that is intriguing and executed properly.

    I loved “V For Vendetta”. It was very well done. The characters were all real people. I’d love to see a Hulk who was in prosthetics like the TV show; Lou looked simply horrifying, yet fascinating. This over-sized Hulk makes me feel pretty much nothing. And Mark Ruffalo is a decent actor, but he’s boring. He killed the momentum in “Now You See Me” and “The Zodiac” with his lackluster presence. Edward Norton was a much more interesting Banner. I think that’s another reason Black Widow & Hulk’s relationship storyline felt so forced and no one cared b/c Ruffalo doesn’t have the charisma to pull it off. Just b/c you’re a good actor doesn’t make you interesting. I did think Ruffalo’s demeanor suited his “Foxcatcher” role well and he was okay as Leo’s sidekick in “Shutter Island” but he just doesn’t have leading man ability, especially on the romantic side as his “Begin Again” movie with Keira Knightly felt extremely forced and unnatural.

    But I guess that’s a story for another day. lol.

  3. I also really liked this, Tres. I will say that the first couple scenes of Ultron (absorbing Jarvis and first encounter with Avengers) were impressive and had me thinking we have a serious villain on our hands. But after that he lost a lot of his menacing aura when he started cracking jokes. I just didn’t buy into his belief that peace comes through starting over and annihilating all mankind.

    Hawkeye had a couple of nice moments to bring him more to the forefront, and although I don’t think Ruffalo and Johanson have much chemistry, I liked a couple of the moments of trying to make Hulk and Widow a thing.

    Spoilers ahead for anyone reading this… What are your predictions for Hulk flying off on the quin jet, and Thor on the search for whoever has been pulling the strings in trying to gather the infinity stones (Thanos)?

  4. Great review. I think the film was good but still quite disappointing.
    Not sure if it is in comparisons to their reason great films but it felt like a foot note rather than a solid film of its own.
    2 hour trailer for phase 3 is a bit harsh but not wholly untrue.

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