8 comments on “Frozen vs. Tangled: The Conclusion

  1. One thing I will say, Gene, you are a bit rude. One thing I see a lot in common with other Frozen fanatics. And while I may be a bit biased since I am a Tangled fan (not a “minion” as you so rudely call us), he made his points in a respectful manner. Thank you and have nice day.

    • Calls me rude, then calls me a fanatic. Yep, sounds like most Tangled minions I know 😉

      In all seriousness Emma, all jabs and jokes within these posts are completely in fun and should not be taken offense at. Aaron and I are very good friends and I assure you we’ve been laughing it up all week. Thank you so much for your devoted reading and I hope you enjoyed our banter this week.

  2. and you do realize Tangled’s budget was so big because it was developing all the new software needed that Frozen used afterwards right?? and since Frozen’s budget was smaller, of course it’s going to be easier to make 9 times their budget than a movie with more budget. It’s math.

    • Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks for he math lesson. Better go throw away my degree in geomatics engineering.

      And I think Up (2009) and Ratatouille (2007) were developing that tech. Tangled’s budget had to have been lower than theirs then by your logic. Oh wait…

      (btw, just playing around above. Don’t take offense.)

  3. There are merits to both arguments, that I will grant – but in the end, I have to admit that I found Tangled… falling short. I didn’t care for it hen I saw it – and I really expected to love it from everything I heard at the time from people I trust. But that quality of remembrance just wasn’t there.

    It wasn’t bad per say, but it just didn’t hold me. yes, it had it’s moments, but overall I just found myself disenchanted with the whole thing. That’s really the key here, I think – it’s not that one of you is ‘right’ and the other is ‘wrong’, it’s that the different models speak differently based on your on personal views, likes, dislikes, and tastes. Sure, I’ve jumped into the argument a couple of times – but all the points I made were based on my personal opinions of the films – so those points were dead on for me, not so much for the Tangled crowd. That’s fine – we can both be right, at least in this scenario anyway 😀

  4. Emma – I do have to point out is that claiming that rudeness is common denominator with only one group is itself, a rude comment – and I have noticed commentary of that nature coming from both sides – like so many arenas, it’s a common denominator so be cautious in pointing fingers on that variable. 9 times out of 10, in our society, the first to claim reception of a negative trait is usually exhibiting that trait themselves – regardless of whether or not they actually are on the receiving end as well.

    Just something to keep in mind – view all sides with the same lens 😀

  5. First off, Aaron, the “Kingdom Dance” scene in Tangled is my absolute favorite scene in the whole movie! It makes me want to join the party.

    And Gene, personally I put almost no stock in box office numbers when gauging a film’s merit–especially when box office numbers are compared to those of films of past decades (the “of all time” phrase). There are just too many variables: changes in ticket prices, inflation, domestic vs. international box office numbers, wide availability vs. limited release, marketing, etc. Hollywood is a business, after all; artistic merit and commercial/financial viability do not directly coincide. Also, I put very little faith in public opinion. Just because people are flocking to theaters en masse to spend money on a particular movie, has little bearing on whether or not it’s actually worth my time–let alone whether or not it has any artistic value.

    Oh, and which movie is my favorite? I love them both.

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