12 comments on “Frozen vs. Tangled: The Villains

    • Mmmmm, nope, definitely Hans. Granted, Elsa’s actions bring some pain to others, but it isn’t always purposeful and she never lords her power over anyone, which a villain with those abilities would certainly do.

      Thanks for the visit here, Netta. I hope you like anything you may read. Thanks for being a good sport with my jab at you on Aaron’s site yesterday. All in good fun 🙂

      • Netta’s right, Gene. Also, what do you mean Elsa never lords her power over anyone?!? She holds the entire kingdom hostage by the force of her power.

        • But she did not do that on purpose. She was surprised by the fact that everything was frozen. That fact of scares her. She’s not using that to make people submit to her.

          • No one ever thinks they’re the villain, Gene, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do villainous things. 😉

          • She probably would have used her power for nefarious purposes had she been smart enough to think of it. Elsa did not strike me as the brightest light bulb in the box.

      • This site is bad for my work ethic 😉 Shhhh!

        Oh, that was a jab? Pffft. I’m from New York and I’m an editor. The only thing that has a thicker hide is probably a rhino. Heh.

        And of course, there’s always possible revenge somewhere down the line…mwahahaha

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  2. While Frozen is my favorite movie of the two (sisters and self-sacrifice are two topics that are close to my heart), I thought Mother Gothel was the scarier villain–her double-black-belt level of manipulation was pretty terrifying.

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  4. The thing is… WHY didn’t hans just let elsa be killed by the crossbow?? I mean he probably could just have acted sad and everyone would believe him…
    Anyway, I love Frozen, but Tangled is my personal favorite. Hans just didn’t have Mother Gothel’s power of manipulation. Like, he didn’t do anything to set up his big ending plan. That all happened just by chance, and he saw an opportunity. Meanwhile, Mother Gothel set up everything to make sure that Rapunzel believed her that the word was an awful place.
    So I didn’t mean to make this so long but oh well…

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