4 comments on “The Walking Dead S5E14: Spend

  1. It was a very mixed episode. The action was intense and scary, but the human drama was a bit goofy. Still though, it seems like it’s going to get real tense in the next two episodes. Nice review Gene.

  2. I do believe that Gabriel believes that Rick’s group is demonic in nature. It was hinted in the first episodes after the whole group went into the church that he believes Rick’s group were demons sent to punish him for his sin of abandoning his flock. Thus, now that he has arrived in paradise it is time for the demons to be expelled. As a person of strong faith he has probably deluded himself to think in this way.

    • That is probably a little more likely after thinking about it. He was quite distressed at how they killed the remaining Terminus members in “Four Walls and a Roof”. He could certainly be convinced they’re of the devil. I don’t know how his pulling off his collar a couple episodes ago, and tearing out pages in his bible this episode play into that though. Thank you very much for the comment, love the interaction!

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