4 comments on “The Walking Dead S5E9: What Happened and What’s Going On

  1. The episode was very bleak, but surprisingly, also hopeful. It made for a better, more emotional episode than I expected to see. But it was still worth it nonetheless. Good review Gene.

    • Thanks Dan. It was nice to see A few characters return, even if only imagined by Tyrese. What did you think of the stylistic choices toward the beginning of the episode? They were quite a distraction to me but I wonder if I’m alone in that.

  2. I will agree that I wasn’t fully a fan of the direction. I had to wonder of J.J. Abrams had anything to do with this episode, as I immediately thought ‘lens flare?’ from that intro. I did like the appearance of the dead characters, though I think there was a missed opportunity by not including Karen and David. But the sight of the ones we saw with their wounds intact, particularly Beth with a bullet in her head, were chilling at times. Completely appropriate for this show. Though at the end, when we saw her, Bob, Lizzie, and Mika with their wounds intact, my biggest question is why the heck wasn’t Beth keeping her eyes on the road? She could have crashed the ghost car.

    I quite liked this episode, actually. Gutsy move on the show to kill off another main character so soon after we lost Beth, though Beth kind of brought that on herself. As for Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, that area has already been overrun by walkers.

    • Hahaha, can’t be too careful with the ghost car! Great point too on Karen. You’d think she would be about the first person Tyrese imagines. Great thoughts, thanks for commenting!

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