4 comments on “Ragamuffin: Ragged and Muffled, but a Great Message

  1. OK, let me say that while the movie has is faults (and you’ve touched on a few) it does portray Rich’s life in a very realistic way. It’s not the “fell good” Christian move that Christian movies get criticized for so often (and rightfully so – the Christian life is not all puppy dogs and feather pillows). People who see the movie and say, “Wow, I never knew” have not listened to all of Rich’s music. It’s in there – the hurt, the doubt, the fear. He was an amazing talent and he didn’t mince words either in his music or to people. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say Rich was the greatest wordsmith of Christian music in quite a long time.

    Disclaimer – I knew Rich very well. He roomed across the hall from me in seminary. He sang at my wedding. I hired him to do youth rallies. He was my friend. His death caused me to wrestle with God. I will never get over it. Only this last fall, on the 17th anniversary of his death, was I able to go to his grave site and say goodbye. His death is a sore that won’t heal but I certainly look forward to seeing him again and hearing what he’s been writing.

    • Wow. Your comment has touched me. This movie is not your feel good, as you said. It’s feel good in a way that it is honest, and honesty seems to be lacking so often anymore. I watched a few interviews with Rich from YouTube and he always told things like it was and he didn’t seem to try to paint a picture with fake colors. It was what is was and that was it. I like that in a person.

      I think the part I missed between the real interviews and the movies was that Rich seemed to have a pretty good since of humor and he usually had a small smile on is face. It made him seem approachable. It made him seem like he had some secret inside to share. I wanted to see that come out in the movie.

      I know his popular/mainstreamed work, but I can’t say I know a lot of his other pieces. I have found myself watching videos today and being drawn in to his heart, though. Some people are performers. Some people are talent. Rich had a talent and it seemed to pour from his heart in such a genuine way that he performance keeps you drawn in.

      It sounds like Rich was a vital person in your life. It appears that you were blessed to know him and I am sure, since you have struggled for so many years and continue to do so with his death, that he was blessed to know you as well. The words in his songs are about faith, the goodness of God, and His power. I pray that your wrestling match is over and you have found peace.

      I am honored that you read my piece and that you took the time to write.
      If the movie was a good representation, then I hope it did your heart some good to have your dear friend honored in this way. The picture painted in it for me is of a man who always struggled with things, but one where he never stopped loving God. If nothing else is said of us after our life is over; then I’m not sure anything greater could be said.

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