4 comments on “Looking Back on 2014: Amber’s Take

  1. Agree. Though I didn’t see Imitation Game (I intend to). And I didn’t love Into the Woods as much as you.

  2. I went on a movie binge over the holidays… Boyhood was just as good as people are saying. It stayed with for weeks after I saw it. Birdman is a lot of fun because magical realism and theatre and Michael Keaton… Jake Gyllenhall is incredible in Nightcrawler, but the film as a whole left me a little bit flat. It seemed almost unfinished.

    Into the Woods was about as great a film as I could’ve possible hoped for… the cast was pretty much perfect (Pine!), and the excisions to reduce running time were for the most part, with the GLARING exception of “No More”, which is about the only complaint I have. But that is a big one.

    Pratt killed it this year, between Guardians and The Lego Movie. The former I had high expectations for, being a big fan of the Abnett/Lanning source comics, and it exceeded them. The latter I was much more a surprise… So very much fun, and really cleverly executed, both visually and in terms of story structure. Only Lego could ever let Batman meet Han and Chewie.

    The Interview was exactly what you’d expect from a Franco/Rogen film, and that’s not at all bad, when you’re in the mood for it. But I think 22 Jump Street was the superior Silly R-Rated Comedy, all things considered. And Edge of Tomorrow was the best non-comic book action movie I’ve seen in years (terrible name notwithstanding).

    Wow, that was long. I didn’t realize I’d seen so many movies.

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