2 comments on “Looking Forward to 2015

  1. Um, well let’s see. I think the new “Divergent” series film “Insurgent” holds the most interest for me in that I was more than a little surprised at how much I enjoyed the first one. Just wondering if they can wow me again.

    While I’m anxious to see the finale of the Hunger Games I’m pretty confident they won’t mess it up since they have gotten it right so far. Side note: I am really angry at Philip Seymour Hoffman for offing himself with drugs. What a talent. What a waste.

    As far as Amber’s choice of “Far From the Madding Crowd” I’m just a bit weary of the “strong, independent woman” meme that seems to have become the staple of Hollywood fare these days. How about a movie with a strong, independent dude for a change. Oh that’s right, no use writing that since there aren’t actors these days with the chops to pull it off. (I exaggerate, of course. But only a little.) Also, it will be difficult to top the 1967 version with a top shelf cast headlined by Julie Christie. My opinion might be a bit skewed by the fact that I was fourteen when this film was released and had a serious Julie Christie crush.

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