3 comments on “The Walking Dead S5E8: Coda

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  2. From what I’ve been reading there’s been a wide range of opinions about this mid-season finale and it’s great to get your thoughts on the episode as always. Personally, the positives of this episode couldn’t overcome the parts that could have been handled better. I somewhat liked the Dawn scenes which did help to show her point of view more but not enough for me to mourn her passing. I really liked Daryl’s immediate and emotional reaction to Beth’s death. And I liked that Carol survived, although I thought her injuries would be more severe. Overall, for me this was an underwhelming episode despite a big shocking moment.

    • I didn’t get the feeling that anyone really hated this finale, but you’re right there is a wide range between really loving it and sort of middle of the road. The more I think about some seems the less pleased I am with it overall. I do wish they would have been strong one way or the other with Dawn. By the end her motives still seem somewhat murky to me. Thanks for the comments! Always enjoy your insight.

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