6 comments on “Our favorite Directors

  1. Hmmmmmm, where to start? Let me begin by saying this, “Your favorite is your favorite.” It’s like favorite food or flavor of ice cream. If it satisfies you then that’s good enough. You don’t necessarily have to justify it because, well, it’s just yours.

    I think there are some pretty good choices here and for someone currently working I think Christopher Nolan is pretty much at the top of the heap. He knows how to tell a good story and as a bonus seems to have an interesting opinion on the positive nature of humanity which, from a totally Christian perspective we might not agree with, I find refreshing. In his entire body of work I have found only “The Prestige” to have been “a swing and a miss”. (I found the characters unlikeable.)

    So I suppose if it were a matter of life and death and I had to choose a favorite director I’d have to choose the one Amber didn’t – Alfred Hitchcock. I’m pretty certain I’ve seen all his movies and nearly all of the TV episodes. Certainly not every movie is a classic but nearly every movie has something memorable. Some of his movies are at the very top of my list of favorite movies. “Notorious” is second on my all time favorite list and there have been many challengers but it just keeps holding them off.

    He also believed in the script. If you don’t have a great story to tell, don’t make the movie.

    Honorable Mention (not previously chosen or mentioned): John Hughes, John Landis, Harold Ramis and Cameron Crowe (most of these guys have too small a sampling to be considered among the great directors of all times but I think they had more “hits than misses”.) Oh, and I can’t believe John Ford never got even an honorable mention from someone! Really???

    Please refer to paragraph one as you read this: Coen Brothers? Tim Burton? Whatever.

    • No love for the Coen brothers eh? I feel like they consistently put out a very solid film and they have a great mix of original content and adaptations. I’m also impressed that two brothers can work together so well and for so long.

      John Ford… he invented the assembly line, right? 😉

  2. I recently compiled a list of my ten favorite directors. It went a little something like this:

    1. Orson Welles
    2. Robert Altman
    3. The Coen Brothers
    4. John Cassavetes
    5. Buster Keaton
    6. Jim Jarmusch
    7. Alfred Hitchcock
    8. David Cronenberg
    9. David Lean
    10. Paul Thomas Anderson

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