2 comments on “The Walking Dead S5E5: Self-Help

  1. Abraham and Eugene both came to a revelation that I think will help them become stronger survivors in the long run. Eugene doesn’t need to hold onto the lie anymore, knowing that people will care and protect him as he is, not the person with the cure. I also liked how Eugene water hosed those walkers, proving his worth to the group that had nothing to do with the “cure”. Abraham went berserk at the end but I think he’ll come around. His single -minded pursuit to get Eugene to DC was putting his people in danger and now that the secret is revealed, hopefully he’ll being to think more clearly and find a new purpose. He still has anger management issues though lol. While not my favorite, “Self Help” is a solid episode, and just 2 more to go before the mid-season finale.

    • I am curious how much Eugene will be cared for now. I know Tara said that after he told her he sabatoged the bus, but I have a hard time believing Abraham and Rosita will feel the same. He certainly won’t get the protection he used to. I also think Abraham will come around. He had nothing before when he almost killed himself. Now he has a group he’s with and somewhat feels responsible for. I wonder how Rick would’ve reacted had Eugene revealed his lie to him… would he get “Carol’d”? (kicked out of the group). So we have two cliffhangers to resolve (Carol’s status and Daryl’s companion in the woods) and one small group mission to re-establish. Good place to be for the show I think. Thanks for commenting!

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