2 comments on “The Walking Dead S5E4: Slabtown

  1. Good job with the review, you’re spot on with all of the inconsistencies you’ve pointed out. How Dawn got to be the leader is a good question. The escape sequence is full of holes too.

    I’m curious how the Hospital will tie in with the bigger picture of this season and if it will tie in with getting Rick & co. to DC somehow. With each new episode, some questions are answered and some new questions gets raised. I’m still hoping to get more details on how the Hospital people “save” their new slaves as I remember they unleashed a bunch of walkers on the front door that almost got Daryl & Beth killed back in Season 4. And did Carol intentionally get captured to infiltrate the Hospital?

    Slabtown isn’t a strong episode, but hopefully the writers can build off of this as there was a lot of set done.

    • For all the weirdness of the hospital in general, that escape sequence is probably the low point of the episode. It should be a simple thing to do well, so it’s strange that it’s so full of holes.

      The whole “saving” their wards is interesting. Beth did say she remembers being attacked by walkers, but if the hospital officers actually sent them in the first place then we certainly wouldn’t praise them for rescuing her from something they subjected her to. Now, Daryl’s a smart and tactical guy. Surely he recognizes he and Beth were targeted specifically to separate them and kidnap Beth. An interesting theory I’m reading is that Carol is faking it in order to get caught. It’s certainly plausible that Daryl/Carol caught up with the car and staged a scenario where Carol appears injured/weak in order to have them take her and save Beth. That seems a bit far-fetched, but how epic would that be!

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