6 comments on “The Walking Dead S5E3: Four Walls and a Roof

  1. Is it just me or are there some interesting twists on biblical characters present in the show right now (forgive me if I make crude mistakes here but I’m not too well versed in Christianity)? Archangel Gabriel is a deliverer of messages and revelation whereas the show’s Gabriel is unable to impart any wisdom, hope or spiritual insights. Abraham goes through with God asking him to sacrifice his child (although is stopped before completing the act) and the show’s Abraham will do anything, and I suspect sacrifice anyone in order to protect the somewhat childlike, defensless beacon of hope for the future… am I just rambling here a little, or is there something to this?

    • I was thinking the very same thing about Gabriel the moment he said his name! That’s one of only two named Angels in the Bible. Gabriel brings news of the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus. I don’t know if they’ll make any parallels with him in that regard, but another blogger (Hush Comics?) was surmising that Gabriel will bring some spiritual balance and/or advice to Rick in coming episodes. I’m not convinced he will even stay with this group.

      Nice connection with Abraham too. His ordering around of Eugene certainly makes it seem like a childlike obedience there.

      Personally, I’m still waiting for a deep, meaningful spiritual discussion. Sort of a “what does this all mean” between Gabriel and someone else. Anyone else! That’s a human aspect that has been missed, and it seems quite unlikely that folks in the south, “Bible belt”, wouldn’t have that on their mind. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I don’t know that he will brig spiritual guidance to Rick… at least not for quite some time yet. Like you say I’m not too convinced about how he will stick with the group.

        I think his presence as a priest will prompt something like that in time… but again not right now. Nobody seems to want to talk at the moment.

        Maybe he will be able to become inter grated with Beth (should she make it back to the group alive) as she has a religious background and doesn’t know him yet.

  2. The ending was certainly intriguing as to who’s in the bush. The look Daryl gives after Carol’s name is mentioned doesn’t bode well for her. That’s a bold prediction, I’ve grown attached to Carol so it would be sad to see her go at this point. The most likely person in the bush is Beth, since she’d be someone that Daryl is protecting/looking after.

    What I like about how this season is unfolding is that while The Hunters storyline is wrapped up, there are other storylines ready to take center stage. I can see a Beth centric episode next followed by Carol/Daryl episode that’ll interwine with Beth. Then’s there’s Morgan waiting in the wings and somewhere far down the line DC.

    • Yeah, you’re spot on that there are plenty of other storylines ready to step up. Just when we’re ready to tie up what happened to Beth, now Glenn and Maggie run off with Abraham so of course we need to follow them. Carl and Rick’s relationship has been really pushed to the background so far and that’s not likely to remain that way. Sasha will be dealing with survivors remorse, Tyreese will be consoling her and figuring out his own baggage. What’s the show going to do with Gabriel now? How does Morgan play into all this? Sooo much stuff to cover still! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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