7 comments on “The Walking Dead S5E2: Strangers

  1. Just when we think the group escaped Terminus unscathed … maybe Rick was right to have wanted to go back and finish them off when they had the upper hand? Did you notice that the Terminus guy Tyreese said he killed appeared to be alive and eating Bob’s leg or is that someone else? During the off season I’ve read lot of the comics so I have a good idea where the show is headed but I won’t spoil anything. Of course, Bob, Beth and Daryl aren’t in the comics and the show does it’s own thing sometimes, so a lot of what’s going on is a mystery to me too. Speaking of Beth, hopefully we’ll get to see where she’s at in the next few episodes. I wonder if Beth’s captor’s will end up being the big threat of the later half of this season or will they quickly rescue her?

    • It certainly seems like Rick was right, doesn’t it? But, unless we see a handful of deaths from this encounter with Gareth, I’ll maintain that leaving Terminus was the right decision. No telling what they would’ve gotten into had they gone back in. And yeah, Tyreese is as bad at killing people as he is good at getting out of a horde of walkers. He had a free, uninterrupted punching session on the dudes face. How is he still alive?!?

      I appreciate you not spoiling it! I haven’t read the comics and don’t plan to. The tidbits and hints I get online are enough to spark curiosity, but I’m having fun with guessing where the show will go without the influence of the comics.

      Beth’s captors… that’s a good question. My gut tells me that encounter won’t last long. Unless they took Beth back to a big group, you have Daryl and Carol with the element of surprise. That’s a scary combination. If they can track down who took her, I wouldn’t expect it to take long to free her. The better question might be, will they kill her captors on spot or leave them high and dry? Maybe an interesting comparison there on what Gareth is/has done vs. how our group handles things.

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