4 comments on “Cinderella: A Heroine Outside the 21st-Century Box

  1. Great post, Amber! I think I saw “Cinderella” when I was a young pup so there’s a lot I don’t remember about it. But reading your words gave me a picture (probably because I’m male) of Joseph in the Old Testament. Enslaved, imprisoned, and then confronted with his past, he never once complained about his lot and always trusted God to see him through. I wonder if Joseph’s story influenced Cinderella’s. Do you know?

  2. Agree on all points.

    I remember studying Cinderella in high school and reading a critical “feminist” essay that claimed Grimm’s version was the most feminist and that Disney’s version was appalling. It made ZERO sense, especially from a Christian perspective. In Grimm’s version, literally all Cinderella needs to do to get what she wants is to cry at her father’s grave, and birds deliver what she needs. Then her sisters come to a violent end! Not inspiring. Not what I would want to teach young girls to be like. I’d want them to be like Disney’s or Branagh’s Cinderella. Be kind, endure (all things through Christ), and forgive (because God forgave you).

    I was SO excited that the new (Branagh) Cinderella movie high-lighted forgiveness and endurance as strength instead of malice and revenge.

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