8 comments on “Amber’s Top Ten…or so

  1. Great list here, Amber! And let me just say (publicly) welcome aboard! We’re glad to have you.

    I’m a huge Bogie fan so I’m glad to see “Casablanca” on your list. I will overlook the fact that you didn’t list “The Maltese Falcon” or “The Big Sleep” or any of the Noir films he did (which were his best in my opinion). But that’s what the Lord’s grace is for… so I can extend it to you and forgive you for your minor lapse in judgment. Ha!

    Thanks for the post, Amber!

    • Haha yes, I love both of those–and Film Noir in general–but as I said, narrowing the list from 50 down to 10 was tough!

  2. I was excited to see some silver screen selections in here! I grew up on the classics from the black and white era, so it’s nice to know there’s another old soul in our group.

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