3 comments on “Marriages in the Movies

  1. Very true. It seems that people often chose to believe these Hollywood clichés even if sometimes they’re completely unrealistic or just one side of the coin. It’s good to see a mainstream film trying something different.

  2. Good article, the first thing that comes to mind here is that the entry was the perfect length – not too long, not too short – and is very detailed and you hit all your points. I have said in the past that some of the entries on here have been too long and may feel like a chore for some read, especially when people are sifting thru their reader and trying to get to multiple articles while they have a chance to read, etc.

    I also agree with your assessment and share your sentiments. I think there are a lot of bad marriages in the world, just as TV displays BECAUSE THEY ARE MARRIED TO THE WRONG PERSON! They have pre-marital sex, get pregnant and then feel obligated to marry. Wait until you’re married, problem solved. Then others can’t stand the thought of being alone, even for a day, so they have to find someone to latch onto (Jennifer Lopez), even if it’s the wrong person. Marriage is awesome, when it’s with the right person, in which more marriages should be between the right people instead of the wrong; unfortunately, this is not the case, which is why so many marriages are miserable, b/c you’re married to the wrong person. (Herm Edwards voice “Hello!”)

    It seems like Seth is married to the right person, which is why it’s fun and feels breezy opposed to stressful and miserable. I would hate to be married to the wrong person. I would much rather stay single and roll solo, anyday. Most others do not agree and would rather be married to someone, even the wrong person, than no one at all.

    • Thanks for the comment Gary. For some reason your comments are getting flagged as spam sometimes, even though you’ve been approved on other comments. Weird. Anyway, I think you’re dead on with the “find someone to latch onto” bit. Marriage, or relationships for that matter, are not something to rush into. It would be great to see more “dating” stages in the movies be more thoughtful about intellectual cohesion rather than physical pleasure. Thanks again!

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