2 comments on “Pompeii: Big Bang or Big Bust?

  1. The historical element of this movie I find fascinating, I mean those pictures of human remains make me interested in finding out about what happened. Less than positive reviews have held me back from watching this movie, but maybe I’ll get it a chance if only to see the volcano go poof. 😉 Good review Tres!

    • Thanks sidekickreviews!
      It truly is an amazing piece of history and the dig site is fascinating to me. It’s worth watching. I just felt like the didn’t know what to do for about 15 minutes of the film.

      If you have Netflix, they have a 45 minute documentary on Pompeii that shows a large room of people that they found with money and jewelry and their hypothesis behind what happened. There’s a lot of interesting dig pictures out there, too; especially with new excavation techniques. One is of a lady that you’d think was Han Solo in his frozen state.

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