4 comments on “Reader Review Request: Finding Normal

  1. Sure the movie isn’t breaking new ground or going to win awards but what it does do is make you feel happy.

    It is a romantic comedy you can actually watch with kids in the room. I thought it was (predictable) good. But predictability is why we read books and watch movies we know will have a happy ending…it makes us happy.

    I watched ‘Finding Normal’ on Netflix…you can share with your teens and not get into “romantic” territory you would rather not experience with your children in the room…this movie fits the ticket it is actually good. Lots of good lessons to learn about how to treat people with respect and how sometimes God has a different, yet wonderful, plan our lives that maybe we are just too busy to see.

    • You make some good points, Lisa, but I don’t know if I agree with the predictability comments. I don’t need unpredictability in everything I watch, but if everything is predictable then I’ll get bored quickly.

      You’re totally right about the many good lessons it teaches. I just wish it could accomplish that while also telling a compelling and interesting story. Thanks for commenting! I look forward to reading your thoughts on other reviews.

  2. I first saw this with my mom during a “girls day”. I really enjoyed it.. It reminded me that degrees and certificates don’t mean a thing to God…

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