37 comments on “We Hated these Movies. But You Probably Loved them.

  1. Not really a fan of any of those, though I don’t hate them either. I guess I just see them as overrated.. Well, except maybe for Reservoir Dogs which I still enjoyed quite a bit!

  2. I haven’t seen Reservoir Dogs nor The Departed but they’re not really my cup of tea. I think generally the violent films that are well-loved by people are not my forte, so I stay away from ’em. The one I can think of that I’m not terribly fond of is The Hurt Locker, but I wouldn’t say I hate it, that’s too strong a word. The latest film I didn’t really care for (though I appreciate the performances) is Inside Llewyn Davis.

    • Ruth, I can tell you, The Departed is terrific. Tres is crazy! 🙂

      I’m with you I think on The Hurt Locker. Didn’t see what the big deal was but it was okay I guess. Still haven’t caught Inside Llewyn Davis.

    • Ruth, you’re not missing anything with Reservoir Dogs. Anything else by comparison is exponentially more interesting. Ha. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Actually, totally agree with most of these (except for the ones I haven’t actually seen). The movie I can’t stand that everyone loves: Atonement. This movie was rubbish. It was supposed to be an epic love story, but there was nothing there except one night of sex. And blaming it all on a young girl who didn’t understand what was going on? Lame. Besides that, it was so boring I could barely make it through the movie.

  4. The Prestige as an honorable mention of hate?!?! I just….*sigh*. How dare you, Gene Gosewehr. 😉
    I still think it’s one of Nolan’s best. I’ll get back to you on what’s my hated film. Need to think on it.

    • I was on board with it until the reveal, which is sorta funny on my part I guess. A magician movie which employs actual magic and that’s what I don’t like 🙂 It just got to that point and [spoilers] we learn the dude seriously, literally clones himself because…. electricity! C’mon.

    • Aaron, on behalf of the rest of us over at Let There Be Movies I apologize for Gene’s hate speech against The Prestige. You’re absolutely right, it is one of Nolan’s best. The rest of us are pitching in so we can get Gene the help he needs.

  5. “Titanic” was a movie about “sex”? There was ONE sex scene in 3 hours! The full frontal nudity was very vague and was when Jack was sketching. Logan makes this sound like “Last Tango in Paris” or something. lol. If you didn’t like the fictional love story, that’s fine, and if you hate the film that’s fine, as well, but let’s not act like it was 3 hours of ongoing sex scenes. That’s grossly inaccurate.

    As far as “Avatar” you missed out when you passed this at the theater. It was intended to be seen in 3D on the IMAX screen. You can’t really judge this film like ones who watched on the IMAX. There’s absolutely no comparison. Unlike other 3D releases, this was specifically DESIGNED for 3D. James Cameron spent more than a decade on this. He knows what he’s doing. I know you think you can form an opinion in 2D on your flat screen, and in 99% of other films I’d agree, but this is that exception to the rule. The graphics are like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Even if you didn’t care for the storyline, the graphics make up for it. You missed out. But when Avatar 2 comes out, GO TO THE THEATER and watch on IMAX 3D.

  6. Nate,

    I didn’t like Reservoir Dogs, either. This little indie garnered a ton of attention after Pulp Fiction exploded, and so I rented it and watched it, but it didn’t grab me like Pulp Fiction. PF was great. RD not so much.

    I did like Fargo, though.

  7. Gene,

    American Beauty sucked! LOL. I always thought it was soooo dumb! They tried to make it so deep and artsy and it was just garbage that basically tried to convey mankind are nothing more than animals with no self-control and incapable of making good decisions.

    I thought The Prestige was dull.

    Gran Torino was decent, but nothing spectacular. Definitely not better than A Beautiful Mind or Million Dollar Baby; when I first read your comment I thought you added “A Beautiful Mind” and “Million Dollar Baby” to your overrated list and I was going to debate you, but then after a second read I realized you were saying they were better than GT. I agree with all your sentiments.

    • Yes. Good description of American Beauty. Eastwood was about the only good thing going for Gran Torino. I’ve often wondered why he settled for the actors he did in that. Could’ve been solid but pretty terrible delivery of dialogue. Thanks for the comment!

      • I kept complaining to my friend all through Gran Torino how bad of an actor that asian kid was; he was terrible. lol. The movie was still good though, but definitely not IMDB top 250. My 2 favorite movies Dumb & Dumber and Sling Blade are not even on that list.

  8. Tres,

    What kind of church do you belong to that allows its members to smoke crack? You need deliverance!

    Gene, pray for this man.

    Okay, I guess I should elaborate. “The Departed” was so good b/c of the way it dialed-up the tension. The uneasiness immaculately created by Scorsese when Jack’s character looked at Leo. In nearly every scene you were just waiting for Leo to get busted and the script clearly establishes just how dire that would prove to be if Leo were caught.

    And then in addition you had the tension between Matt Damon and Leo trying to find one another out, and that was fun to watch, as well.

    I find it hard to believe that you knew in “10 minutes” the way everything would play out. So, you knew Jack’s character was a CIA informant 10 minutes in? If so, you need to be writing movie scripts! lol.

    I agree w/ your other thoughts, though. I haven’t seen “2001” or “Unforgiven” b/c they just look incredibly dull. I may check out “2001” someday just for myself, though. I doubt I’ll like it, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

  9. Elliot,

    I think you’ve been spoiled by Nolan’s immaculate vision of Batman. If you had seen Burton’s Batman a while ago before Nolan’s version came out you probably would have liked it better. Nolan’s tale is superior, but Burton’s vision was grand for 1989. Keaton was a great Bruce Wayne and Jack was an awesome Joker. Nolan’s gritty Joker trumps Jack’s silly Joker, but Jack was still creepy and effective.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more, Gary! Also, Burton’s Dark Knight take paved the way for all the other ones and therefore deserves respect… Elliot. Ha.

    • Ha Ha. I think your right. I was telling the guys that if I had watched it back when I was a kid I probably would have liked it. I’m sure it was great back in the day. Now that I’m older and not at all attached to Batman, it just came off as super cheesy.

  10. Okay, my list of popular films that I dislike:

    1. The Way, Way Back.

    HOW did this film get so much praise? It was sooooo predictable! I couldn’t even finish it. I could tell you everything that was going to happen simply by watching the trailer – and after seeing so much positive feedback I gave it a go and everything happened just as I thought and I didn’t need to see anymore after about the 40 minute mark. I don’t get it. It’s a processed coming of age tale that we’ve already seen a dozen times before, only John Hughes told it better.

    2. Good Fellas

    It was okay, but nothing spectacular. I actually preferred “Casino”.

    3. Star Wars

    Never seen a single Star Wars movie. They all look so dorky!! lol. And dull.

    4. Harry Potter

    Never watched a Harry Potter film, either; for the exact same reasons listed above.

    5. Lord of the Rings

    I thought “The Two Towers” was good and paced very well – but parts 1 and 3 dragged. I thought part 1 was pretty average and didn’t want to watch part 2 until someone talked me into it. I gave it a chance and liked it; i then got excited for part 3 only to be majorly disappointed. What a let down! You’re not supposed to make your middle part interesting and then tank on the conclusion.

    6. The Hangover

    I watched it once and thought it was okay. I chuckled a handful of times, but nothing really cracked me up or anything. But then people started talking crazy and saying it was better than “Dumb & Dumber”! LOL. This doesn’t come close to D&D. People must be smoking crack with Tres.

    7. Skyfall

    Skyfall SUCKED! “Casino Royale” was not only the best Bond movie of all time, but it is in my top 10 favorite movies of all time! It was immaculate! I would rank it up there with “Dark Knight”. It’s just THAT good! But then “Skyfall” came out and reverted the Bond franchise back to Pierce Brosnan cheesiness! The komodo dragon scene!? That was a joke, right??? How about at the end when Bond shot down a helicopter with a single shotgun! LOL. Or when M TURNED ON HER FLASHLIGHT when hiding out in the field from Bardem’s villain character! LOL. Yeah, I’m sure a freakin’ SECRET AGENT wouldn’t know better than to turn on a device that would make her spottable when trying to flee from a villain on your trail coming to kill you! LOL. Based on expectations, this movie had to be one of the biggest letdowns of all time for me. It was a joke. If I wanted that I’d watch “Golden Eye”.

    Okay, that’s enough for me for now. lol

    • Oh my! Well, I’ll spare you my rants on those picks. I’m sure the other guys will spew forth their wrath on you. Hahaha. I will say I’m with you on The Hamgover. Also, I’ll need you to turn in your movie-fan card for not having seen a SINGLE Star Wars film! Lol.

      • I haven’t seen any Star Wars films b/c I’m not a nerd. lol. Well, maybe I am a little. But not nerdy enough for Star Wars and Star Trek. lol.

        • I wouldn’t consider the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboots nerdy at all. They’re very well done. Nothing campy or nerdy at all. Any inclusions of things purely for the fan-boys is very subtle. You should check them out. I’ve got high hopes of what he’ll do with Star Wars.

          • I was just talking tongue-in-cheek. lol. But I really don’t like sci-fi. Combine that with Chris Pine and I really don’t want to watch. I can’t stand Chris Pine. He’s overrated and I just get this arrogant vibe from him.

            Think about this:

            What movie has Chris Pine ever been in where people go to watch simply b/c Chris Pine is in it?

            None! At least none that I’m aware of.

            People go to watch Star Trek who are fans of the franchise; had they cast a more interesting Captain Kirk I would have considered giving it a chance.

            But I’m not sitting through 2 hours of Chris Pine.

            Honestly, I cannot recall watching a single one of his movies. I can’t stand the sight of him. Denzel is my favorite actor and I can’t even bring myself to watch “Unstoppable” b/c of Chris Pine.

            The only way I’d ever watch Chris Pine in anything was if he was in a film with a highly intriguing plot, and thus far he hasn’t been in any interesting films.

            The new Star Trek films feel like Hollywood imitating the original. I don’t know. I just have 0 interest in watching.

              • Yeah, I watched “Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit” 3 times at the theater; what a brilliant performance!! No idea why this dude hasn’t won a slew of Oscars by now.

    • Sir, I demand that you remove Star Wars and the Harry Potter series from your list. First off I’m appalled that you haven’t seen a single movie from either series. You didin’t follow the rules…You’re only allowed to judge movies you’ve seen. 😉
      As much as I love the LOTR movies, I do understand it’s not everyone cup of tea. Skyfall, well I really liked it, but it’s really the only bond movie I like, so it doesn’t bother me that you didin’t like it…..But really Star Wars and HP!!!!!!! Those are some of my all time favorites. I’ve only met a few people in my life that have never seen a star wars movie and I’ve never trusted their judgement…. 😉

      • Maybe it’s time you widen your social circle beyond Comic Con geeks. lol.

        I agree I can’t truly comment on Star Wars and Harry Potter since I haven’t watched, but as popular as they may be I just can’t bring myself to watch; they just don’t appeal to me one iota – so I thought they may qualify for that reason.

        The reason I hated Skyfall was b/c it was just so over-the-top and far-fetched. “Casino Royale” was the perfect blend of action, drama and romance while still feeling plausible.

  11. Reading this is so painful. But I can agree with the Honorable Mention of Titanic. That one is awful and broke all the records (at the time).

  12. I totally agree with Logan about Avatar! Fortunately I DID see it in the theater (IMAX 3D) and someone else paid for my ticket. The visuals were the only thing worth seeing in this movie. The story is basically a re-telling of the Disney animated movie “Atlantis” (seriously, it’s almost identical, right down to the mystical power source that sustains the entire civilization). And side note: I still have never even seen Titanic.

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