2 comments on “Batman: Vigilante, Hero, or Both?

  1. Good review. The only thing you didn’t touch on was the historical significance of this film. Did this film or some other create the much hyped superhero film genre? Perhaps it was earlier films that paved the way for more successful future ones, but Batman 89 showed superheroes could lead a blockbuster. It was huge. Even though much was different than the comics, it paved the way.

    • That’s a good point, although I would say that this film was pretty close to the comics. The ’80s Batman comics were pretty dark, as was the movie, especially storylines like A Death in the Family and Year Three. I definitely do think that this Batman film was instrumental in the development of the genre, though. The Superman films could have done that, but the last couple were so abysmal, and the series was so campy to begin with that this was the first superhero film that people could take seriously.

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