8 comments on “Heaven Is for Real: It’s for Real

  1. I agree with you, this is a well made, emotionally touching movie! Heaven has been portrayed in many movies before, but this movie connected heaven to church. The audience we watched with was probably all Christian. I wonder how non-religious people take the movie? Or maybe they just stay away. What would have happened if a salvation message was attached?

    • I just saw this comment, so I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I thought about the salvation connection that next day. There was no explanation on obtaining heaven and I wondered if there was anyone watching that didn’t know how to get there.

      I jus bought the book and I’m eager to read it, too.

  2. I will neither read this book or see the movie-here’s why: what we know of heaven we know objectively, NOT subjectively. We cannot compare a little boy’s perceptions/memories while in the throes of an oxygen-deprived, brain-affected medical emergency with inspired men by whose experiences God chose to TRULY reveal the little He did. If what an uninspired human being claims either adds to or detracts from the what the Word has already revealed, I must reject that claim and any message somehow “sent” by said person. This is the basis upon which anyone you say has gotten “angry” over this book and film might be doing so. You surely don’t think God is still revealing truths to anyone?

    • I respect your viewpoint and opinion. I would never be one to add to or take away from God’s Word.

      I can’t say I don’t think God reveals things still today, though. As a preacher of the Gospel, he reveals things to me all of the time. I often find new things and new understanding that deepen my faith.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Lori. It seems obvious why God used this little boy. Because faith is weak today. And this child revealed things only possible by the Spirit such as the knowledge of another sister. I see no contradiction with the WORD for the living WORD, Jesus Christ, held this little boy during a difficult time as a father would and should. As “children” of God shouldwe not believe what we know is true through the WORD as this little boy came to know through his calamity? The WORD is alive and well! This story is about the testimony of believers whose seed of faith from the LORD JESUS CHRIST has been watered and appears to be bearing fruit in Nebraska. Praise God!

    • ” I must reject that claim” You’re not in a position to reject any claim, for out of your own mouth, you’ve admitted you’re not listening. One can’t reject what one refuses to hear.

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  4. Boy, Lori, give God a break. He’s your Judge; you’re not His. If He chooses to take a boy to Heaven, who appointed you to say “NO! I won’t have it!” You’re important… but you’re not that important.

    Oh, and btw, God reveals Himself and more to His sheep. After all, He said, “My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.” He is the Author of His Word, but we don’t have a relationship with a Book but with a Being; He’s the Great Shepherd. Perhaps you should listen to Him reveal truth to you, for as strange as that many sound to you, if you’d read the Book a little better, you’ll find that truth written there. It’s much more than a History Book.

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