5 comments on “Moral Dilemma Dialogue: Seven Pounds (Part 2 of 2)

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  2. Good points here, but I think ultimately we shouldn’t play God and take our own lives, even for Tim’s reasons. Tim knew he would die. Other situations vary as “would you take a bullet for another?” In that case, you don’t know if you’re going to die, so you’re not committing suicide; the bullet could hit you somewhere that you’d live; so, all you’d be doing is protecting another person.

    • Thanks for the comment Gary. I can certainly understand your first point there about playing God. But how do you think John 15:13 fits into that? Is the issue with whether it’s something you plan to do?

      In all honesty I probably fall more in line with the points Logan made in part 1. But I do think some of the points I raised here, while not “troublesome”, do provide an interesting counter-argument.

      • I think there’s a big difference between committing suicide and sacrificing yourself to save another. In “7 Pounds” what Tim did was a nice gesture and I understand his reasoning, but at the same time he survived the accident and as long as you’re alive I have to believe God is allowing you to live for a reason and I think the thing is to better yourself moving forward opposed to giving in to guilt and offing yourself, even if it is to help others.

        But as always I think the key is to discern the voice of God for yourself and what you feel He is directing you to do. If it’s your idea to sacrifice yourself as Tim did, I don’t think that’s the best idea, but if you discern God is propelling you to sacrifice yourself for a specific reason, if He were to do that, then I think that’s the only time it would be justified.

        I don’t think one should commit suicide on their own for being depressed, etc. but at the same time we can’t judge them b/c it’s hard to know what they’re going through and we have to keep in mind that many out there are being heavily influenced, tricked and deceived by demons whispering in their ear, and if you don’t know how to combat those demons then it’s easy to see how one can succumb to them.

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