5 comments on “Moral Dilemma Dialogue: Seven Pounds (Part 1 of 2)

  1. I agree, especially with the last paragraph…

    And honestly, I think what you said for Tim, about continuing his life and living it better applies to Judas, as well. I think people have a misconception about Judas. Yes, Judas betrayed Jesus, but Jesus HAD to be captured; Judas seemed to actually be an instrument of God in bringing Jesus to the place he needed to be. Remember that when Peter exclaimed he will protect Jesus and let no harm come to him that he rebuked him and declared for “Satan to get behind me!”. So if Peter trying to protect Jesus was of the devil, then how could Judas’s betrayal be so bad? Had it not been for that betrayal Jesus would not have been captured, and sacrificed and resurrected (of course God could always use a different plan)…

    But point being, notice how Judas totally changed shortly after the betrayal? It’s like he woke up and is like “WHAT DID I JUST DO?” and he felt guilt and wept…and HERE is the mistake: instead of repenting and moving on and living better (as Tim in the movie should have) he committed suicide!

    I think THAT was Judas’s biggest mistake – b/c I honestly think the betrayal was part of God using him. I don’t think Judas had a bad heart. If he had a bad heart, he would not have felt remorse or guilt. He probably would have celebrated his mere 30 coins of silver.

    I think Judas may possibly be the most misinterpreted character in the Bible. His story is one of the most tragic. It reminds me of a Shakespeare tragedy play – like Romeo & Juliet – which is another example of why you shouldn’t commit suicide.

    The thing about suicide is there is no coming back! No redemption. No more chances. The clock hits 0 and the score is final. No overtime. No extra innings. It’s over.

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  3. Thanks for the comment, Gary. That really is the case with Judas, and we overlook that sometimes. As much as it may seem otherwise, there is always an option besides suicide.

  4. this is a very interesting read for me. I truly enjoyed the movie, and i understand Tim’s logic. I agree that taking our own lives is not a choice that we should be allowed to make, as God is the only one who can decide that. As for Judas, we need to remember that satan entered into judas. This thought just entered my head….Judas chose to take his life, but God still allowed it to happen. The bible also tells us that God knew us before we were born, he is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. I think, though we may choose to take our lives, God still ultimately has the final say. The reason i say this, is there is a girl, a teenager, who tried to commit suicide. She put a shotgun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Now anyone would think that is instant death, but for her it wasn’t. She survived. She found God, and now she is sharing her story that suicide is not the answer. Will this story save everyone? Obviously not, but God chose to not let her die because He isn’t finished with her. I believe God allowed Judas to die, because like you said, he was just a part in a greater plan, and his part was complete. God knows how and when we all die, and whether or not we commit suicide cannot change that, i believe. Again, i think suicide is another after effect of sin. And though we may see that there are other options besides suicide, not everyone can actually see that. I know from personal experience as i struggled with suicidal tendencies for many years. I didn’t see an out, i didn’t see any other way. There were no other options. But again, God had other plans for me.

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