7 comments on “Divergent: Why Be Afraid of Them?

  1. Good review Logan. To me, it seems like the YA genre is getting a bit stale and out-of-ideas. However, it does still make money, so I guess whatever I have to say doesn’t really matter. Like at all.

    • I wouldn’t say that it’s stale just yet. The whole dystopian thing hasn’t been in for very long, not in the YA scene. That used to be reserved for the “intellectual” types, like the stuff your English teacher forced you to read in high school. Divergent’s lucky they got on the film boat this soon though. The vampire thing died out pretty quickly, so I’d say that the third dystopian YA to make a movie (with Hunger Games being the first) may be at risk of being irrelevant.

  2. Interesting review, but I wished you had mentioned who plays whom, which actor plays which character. Of course when you mentioned the cliché, of ‘Four and Tris have to fall in love’, Ha!! I kind of guessed who plays whom.
    I am actually surprised you’ve mentioned homosexuality in the same vein as pedophilia & pornography, and as being ‘devilish’. In this day and age, and coming from a more open minded society. Of course you’ve mentioned all those as a ‘beautiful message’ later.
    None the less, I enjoyed reading your review.

    • Society might change, but God does not. The Bible still condemns homosexuality (in Romans 1, for example), and while that doesn’t give us an excuse to hate people who are involved in that, the fact that society is accepting of it now does not condone it in God’s eyes. It’s still a sinful act

      My point about the beautiful message was more about her being “Divergent” and how the film was really saying that you shouldn’t have to be forced to fit into society’s box.

      I actually don’t know who the actors are other than Shailene Woodley (who played Tris).

  3. Good read! It would be nice to see Shailene Woodley’s star rise off the back of this. She’s got talent and I really enjoyed her performance in Alexander Payne’s The Descendants.

    • I’ve not seen The Descendants. I thought she did really well in this, so I might be inclined to see more of what she’s in (DISCLAIMER: Not “Secret Life of the American Teenager”)

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