12 comments on “Noah: Fire Destroys All, Water Cleanses.

  1. Good review! I would like to see this movie for myself, but I am stubborn and do not want to see it in the theater. I don’t want Hollywood to have the satisfaction to think that they can make money off of Christians just because it’s based on a Bible story. I had high hopes in the movie when I saw the trailer, the ark looked pretty accurate and the “fountains of the deep” as you had mentioned. It sounds like it stops there.

    • A matinee might be worth the money without feeling ripped off. I wouldn’t normally say that of a 2/5, but the flood, ark and animals are cool to see.

  2. Good review, Gene. I’m torn on this one; I have to be honest. On the one hand, I always want to keep abreast of what the culture is consuming so I can equip myself as best I can in order to evangelize. But I’m really getting tired of “religious/religiously themed” movies that are so scripturally off it’s disrespectful. And the Christians who are saying that we can use “Noah” as an evangelistic tool or perhaps simply a conversation starter are downplaying (in my opinion) the vast problems with the movie — as you astutely pointed out.

    Put it this way, I caught some of “This is the End” with Seth Rogen and James Franco. The movie is about the book of Revelation essentially playing out in modern day L.A. The problem is the theology is so awful. The main spiritual message is: you have to do more good than bad in this life to go to Heaven (which, by the way, Heaven is a huge party where people get to say “mother—–” with impunity and dance in a club with girls in white bikinis) — is so misleading that it’s disgusting. I almost feel like someone (not you, Gene) telling me to watch “Noah” in order to start a conversation is like someone telling me to watch “This is the End” to preach the gospel. These kinds of movies don’t care about our faith or fairly characterizing our point of view. There is nothing of value in them to use. Therefore, any conversations that we have with people are purely to correct the endless things the movies got wrong. It’s a joke.

    I’ll probably wait to see “Noah” when it’s a dollar on Redbox.

    • I know exactly what you’re talking about with This Is The End. Noah is nowhere near as offensive, it’s mostly just silly/misguided. The language and gratuity is far below your typical PG-13 and that alone makes it much more tolerable in my opinion.

      I think with the buzz around this movie it would be good for a Christian to speak intelligently about it, but I’m certainly understanding of those who’d rather stay away.

  3. Excellent review and analysis! 🙂 The more I read or think about this movie, the more differences I spot with the original story. It’s a bit sad, but even if this is a giant blockbuster I can’t simply shut my brain down like I do every time I watch a Transformers movie. Although clearly this film is closer to any Star Wars, Lord of The Rings and other similar franchise out there than the actual story.

    • Thanks Davide. When it’s something very near and dear, we shouldn’t be expected to shut our brains down. It’s quite difficult to look past so many glaring problems. Thanks for reading!

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