13 comments on “God’s Not Dead is Worth Seeing

  1. Good review, Nate. I liked that you thought the parts with the professor and the student were the best. From my viewing of the trailers, that part seemed like it could be the most “put on” to me. Must mean Sorbo did a good job selling it.

  2. Thanks, Gene.

    You know, going into the movie, I wasn’t sure if those classroom scenes were going to work all that well. But they really do. I think Josh’s strategy is (for the most part) how I would approach a presentation in a hostile class like that. And, as I said, Sorbo really sells it. It’s weird because some atheists are reacting to those scenes as if something like that could never happen. Thing is, I’ve been in many college classes where that same kind of open sneering and condescension has been directed at my faith and Christians in general. Once, after a 30 minute tirade against Christian doctrine, my professor actually asked the class if anyone, by show of hands, actually believed in God. Mine was the only hand raised. Sad thing is, either students go along with mocking Christians because their professors implicitly encourage them (by example) to do so or they are too scared (or disinterested) to speak up.

    Anyway, the classroom interaction between Radisson and Josh is based on real cases brought to court by students against universities for this very thing. So atheists who want to cry foul on this issue are just ignorant to the realities of bias against Christians in school.

    • Intereating you say that athiest are taking offense. I have a “non-believing” friend that private messaged me after I shared your write up with, “out of respect to you I read your reviews (I skip over Bible versus). Your blog buddy with the “Not Dead” one gives me to reason to never spend a dime, let alone $10 on this movie. You Christians want us to believe that nonbelievers would just confront you because you have a believe in a fictional being? Give me the name of one such person. I’d like to talk to him. Everyone has a right to believe in whatever they do: life and science or dairy tales. I can’t believe anyone would actually do this. Second… It’s a “christian” thing and I wouldn’t spend money on it.

      I didn’t say a word of my own. I took a photo of the last private message he sent me and sent it to him. “Man! Some of your posts make you look so ignorant and niave. I respect you man, but you honestly believe a folk person in the sky caused it to snow in Egypt? You think a fairy take sent Jerusalem frozen precipitation? We see snow every winter, man. That’s not your “god”, its the water cycle.”

      His only reply, “Foot in mouth.”

      I think it’s cool that even non-believers are actually checking us out. :0)

  3. I go to the theater for faith-based movies. I pay my money so that I am part of the financial statistics for the movie.

    In the past 12 months I’ve seen “Not Today”, “Home Run”, “Black Nativity”, “Christmas Candle”, and “Philomena”. All have very good aspects, and all have places for improvement (except Philomena, which is all good).

    I have also watched independent films (“Sapphires”, “Austenland”, “In A Word”). They also have very good aspects, and all have places for improvement.

    Independent films, whether Christian or not, struggle to compete in quality and audience with major studio films. Compare “Soul Surfer” as an example of a faith-based film with full financial studio backing, major stars (including Kevin Sorbo), and a complete marketing machine.

    • Great point about Soul Surfer. If we could get more big companies to focus in morally uplifting and supportive, it would make a huge difference on level of quality I am sure.

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