11 comments on “300: Rise of an Empire. A Wind of Vengeance

  1. Very good review, Gene! I did want to comment on something you touched on about the ratings system. Doesn’t it seem like rated R comedies have become ridiculously crass and R action movies are becoming much more gory? In terms of comedy, I’m thinking of “Hot Tub Time Machine” where my wife and I mistakenly thought it was PG-13 and actually left the theater after one of the obnoxious characters ripped out his own catheter in his hospital bed.

    There is a distinction between rated R movies that depict language and violence in a manner reflective of reality (like “Black Hawk Down”) and movies that just do things gratuitously for no good reason. In my opinion 99.99% of nudity is handled this way as well as 100% of sexually graphic scenes. Without starting a huge discussion on the proper Christian response to lewd, gratuitous scenes, at what point would you walk out of a theater for too much egregious content?

    • I would definitely agree on the R rated comedies. Anymore I don’t even bother with a comedy rated R, and even some PG-13 are very crude. I know it’s not the same for everyone, but with me the violence almost never bothers me if there is a reasonable context behind it. It’s language and an abundance of sex scenes that make me uncomfortable and feeling like it’s something I shouldn’t be seeing/promoting with my money. I never had a thought of leaving this movie, but one that jumps to mind right away is The Dewey Cox story. It was a parody of Walk the Line (Johnny Cash story) and it starred John C. Reilly. Lot of bad language there and some completely random nudity.

  2. Good review Gene. Pretty dumb, but not dumb like the first was. There is something missing here, and it’s that element of style or fun. Instead, we just get a lot of bloody, brutal deaths that don’t add to much.

    • Yeah I think you’re right. There was some fun missing in this that was there in the first. It tried at times, but never connected quite the same. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Gerard Butler is still getting lead roles on the strength of his star making performance in 300. Or maybe it was the abs? 😉 Good to hear your impressed with Eva Green, after watching the trailers she was a question mark for me as the villain. Maybe I’ll give in and watch this one in the theatres if only for the spectacle. Great review Gene!

    • Thanks! Eva Green was great. She just about stole it from the other leads. She does disrobe in one scene which seemed entirely unnecessary. So fair warning there. Thanks for commenting!

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