2 comments on “Moral Dilemma Dialogue: Les Misérables

  1. Good job guys! Allow me to be the first to stir the pot. Tres, if Romans 13 is to be followed unquestioningly, then why didn’t the Apostles obey their Jewish authorities in Acts?

    If Romans 13 is to be followed with no exceptions, then would you say the Founding Fathers were wrong to challenge King George’s taxes and later revolt?

    Devil’s advocate, sir! Devil’s advocate. What say you?

    • Thanks for opening the dialogue Nate. I am use to the Devil’s advocate role. My dad has taken that role in every conversation we have had debated my entire life.

      Let me address your question about the founding fathers first. Yes, they were wrong. Now, don’t jump in with a giant, “WHAT?!” until you have read all of my reply. At the time they were citizens of England and there were laws they were to follow. Did they follow them? No? Were they wrong? Yes. What does verse 2 say in Rom 13? they would incur judgment if they didn’t follow, they did. Warrants were issued. Arrests were made. Some were beaten. Some were killed. A revolution happened and a new country was formed. Was that wrong? Well, it broke the law and judgment was incurred because many people died for it. However, there were positive outcomes.

      Keep in mind, my viewpoint was never that Jean Valjean should be sentenced to death or anything of that kind. He broke the law. That’s right, Jean is not an innocent man here. Breaking the law means consequences follow. He knew what the consequences were, and that is why he lied, ran, and hid for years.

      Now, let’s look at the Apostle part of your question. Did breaking the law that the Jewish leaders pass down mean that the Apostles were wrong? Yes. It was a man law. They were told not to preach Jesus or else consequences would take place. Rom 13:2 says if you break man’s laws that judgment would incur. The Apostles were beaten, stoned, imprisoned, and even murdered. There were physical consequences to their choices to break the worldly laws passed upon them.

      HOWEVER, they broke the worldly laws for Spiritual gains. Jesus told them to go forth and preach the Gospel to all the world. They took the incurring of worldly judgments and punishments to escape spiritual ones. They put God first in their decisions.

      Going back to our character, Jean Valjean was not putting God first. He was putting his own neck first and sacrificing a stranger to save himself. He wasn’t innocent and he needed to face his consequences like a man.

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