9 comments on “Tear-Jerkers for Tough Guys

  1. The honorable mention for UP! is a great pick, I didn’t cry 🙂 but I had a big lump in my throat when the wife died. I’m not an emotional person but the ending to The Kite Runner is touching and is a tear jerker for me, but I won’t spoil it in case anyone wants to watch it or read to the book.

  2. I believe for me, it would have to be a list of what movies that DIDN’T make me cry! That list would be much shorter. However, I do see a trend with the movies listed here. I believe that each movie that “did you in” was innately reflective of your childhood or your core beliefs. In my opinion, when a man cries at a movies it is due to something that truly struck him at the core. Good list guys!

  3. Great topic! Stand By Me always gets me teared up when tough kid River Phoenix tells the story about the milk money – incredible performance, incredible moment!

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