2 comments on “Examining Lone Survivor: Why Christians should not avoid all violent movies.

  1. Violence is an unfortunate part of this life and the human experience. If the violence “serves a purpose” so to speak I see nothing wrong with it. The example you have is a great one, Passion of the Christ comes to mind as well. Christianity is based on a violent, torturous death; a death that served the greatest purpose of life. If a movie is being violent simply to be violent it can be an issue for the Christian. Also an important aspect the Christian can ask themselves would be, “what is my reaction to this violence?” If you don’t like the violence, your probably in the clear. Great rant!

    • Thanks Eric! Yeah Passion of the Christ is a perfect example. I didn’t even mention all the biblical stories that describe some pretty horrific violence. Tent poles through the head, entire swords stuck into a body… pretty gruesome.

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