6 comments on “Moral Dilemma Dialogue: Saving Private Ryan

  1. Tres and Gene; I feel both of you should aproach the elders with this and see if it could be used on our E-Mail page. Also I feel this would also be a good way to teach the highschool and gollage classes on Sunday Mornings. After the debates letting them give how they feel and why using GODs

    • Thanks Linda! We could certainly use something like this in the HS class. We did do a lot of discussions over different perspectives when we were hitting on social issues.

  2. Talk about a catch 22! I see both sides of the argument and some how agree with both! I know that sounds odd but, that’s where I am on this one! I know this never happened in the movie but, “what if” they were to have kept him captive as a prisoner? It would have been a win win I believe. Captive means Miller does not die and returns to his life a school teacher and his wife, in Iowa I think, and Willie lives! Sometimes life gives us choices and it is hard to determine which choice is the right one! We all make mistakes but, hopefully we learn from them and can move on which, I guess, leads us to the forgiveness part! Dilemma indeed!

    • I think that’s a good solution, Jim. When tres and I were deciding who would do which side, I was planning to make that same argument if I did it from the Christian perspective. It would however be more burdensome on you, as I mentioned in my argument.

      Thanks for weighing in! It’s a tough one.

  3. Jim, we appreciate the discussion. It was indeed a tough one. When Gene and I were deciding which perspective to take, I volunteered him for the world view. He is naturally gifted with the ability to argue…on anything. I, however, am not. I am a black and white with facts type of guy.
    I approached it from the 2 arguments that they had: kill him or let him go. I never went to the what if realm. I do think you make a good point that it could be a win-win. I’ll pull my dad’s favorite trick: playing Devil’s advocate, if they had kept him alive, what’s to say one of them wouldn’t have snuck over and slit his throat in the middle of the night OR that Willie would have gotten loose and killed one or two of them? Just another what if.
    I did really struggle with my own thoughts though. As a school teacher we are being trained on what to do if an attacker comes into our room. I would die for my students; I know it and though it upsets my wife, I can’t change the way I would protect them. But I caught myself thinking about that when I was writing the Christian Perspective. If an attacker came into my room and hurt one or more of my students before I could get to him, would I be able to stop and just hold him for the police to get there, or would my anger get the best of me? It’s a difficult situation.
    A tough dilemma indeed.

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