3 comments on “Looking Back on 2013: Logan’s Take

  1. Interesting list Logan. I thought Now You See Me got some unfair criticism but I really didn’t like Ender’s Game, just thought it was dull and all over the place in terms of story and pacing. But glad to hear you got something out of it.

    • I was intrigued by the social commentary, too. Of course, I love the action and watching Ender tackle all of his obstacles, but I really loved the fact that Ender, although a child, in the end has the courage to stand up to his superiors when something isn’t right. That’s a really good message to us. To do the right thing even when those in authority aren’t.

  2. Good points about Elysium, Logan. Lots of undertones to consider in what directors are trying to tell us and to whatever extent they’re trying to shape opinions. I wouldn’t rate Now You See Me nearly as high, but I was entertained by it.

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