10 comments on “Blast From the Past: Thanks for Always Being Gay!

  1. Pardon me if I’ve misinterpreted you here, but there seems to be some negative attitude towards homosexuals here Gene, particularly in the second paragraph. Like I say, apologies if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick here…

    • Thanks for asking, Chris! I should probably differentiate a couple things here and hopefully it will be more clear. I don’t hold any negative views towards homosexuals anymore than I would any other person who’s life is entangled in sin. Scripture is clear that homosexuality is a sin and groups homosexuals with others such as liars, kidnappers and murderers (1 Tim. 1:9,10, Rom. 1:21-27). I would never classify a liar or a kidnapper as outside the grace of God if they repent and believe, and I would not do so with a homosexual either. We’ve all sinned and still do sin in some way or another, yet God calls us all to repentance. The difference I would make is a “hate the sin, not the sinner” type of mentality. Homosexuality, the act and the lifestyle, is a sin and I don’t like it anymore than I do theft or dishonesty. The main difference with this sin is that there is an entire movement to make it acceptable and force people to acknowledge it as being okay. So in that respect, I have a negative attitude toward the sin of homosexuality and many aspects of the homosexual movement, but not toward homosexuals individually. I believe they are as worthy of God’s forgiveness as any sinner. Does that make sense?

      My main point in the second paragraph was to highlight the generational differences that came out in the movie. The word “gay” was one of those. Many were comedic in nature, and even this was approached in a humorous light. That is fine, but it’s only able to be funny because the word “gay” meant something entirely different to Adam than it did to Eve and Troy. The rainbow, which was not in the movie, is just another example of the changes across generations within the same subculture of homosexuality.

      • Thanks for the reply Gene. I’m sorry but I wholly disagree with almost all of what you’ve said. Homosexuality simply isn’t a sin. A sin is a choice but homosexuality isn’t and comparing it to kidnapping or murdering is frankly absurd just because ‘scripture’ dictates. Scripture also had a talking snake. And also says things like you can’t have a bowl haircut or have tattoos or wear gold or whatever else. Scripture says a lot of things but it doesn’t mean it’s right.

        This is a film blog (and your film blog at that) so I don’t want to come over here trying to change your mind because I respect your right to your own views even if I don’t agree with them.

        • No problem Chris. Don’t ever feel like your comments aren’t welcomed and encouraged, even if they are in disagreement on a movie opinion or a moral stance. If you have some valid points on a matter, I want to hear them 🙂 I very much appreciated your wanting to clarify my position rather than jumping in and attacking right off the bat. Thank you, sir.

          As for you reasons for disagreement, thank you for offering those points. I’m sure you can understand that we use God’s Word as our compass here. I can understand if you are not a Christian that may sound silly, but when we examine movies from a Christian perspective we know where our foundation is and we adhere to it, not our personal opinions. Secondly, I’m curious how you came to the conclusion that homosexuality isn’t a choice. Is there scientific evidence backing this claim, or is this a claim from personal experience? Either way, let’s suppose that you’re right and attraction to the same sex is not a choice but is something you’re born with. I submit that having an inherent disposition to a certain thing is not an excuse for acting upon that thing if God has declared it sinful. I am attracted to women, but if I acted upon that attraction it would be adultery because I am married. I can say that God made me that way, but that wouldn’t excuse me from the act of adultery anymore than someone with same-sex attraction would be excused from acting on it. We each choose to act on our attractions, whether we’ve had them from birth or develop them through life. Ravi Zacharius actually has a much more thought out explanation of this. You might be interested in hearing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIw6ngIqaD0
          Finally, regarding the bowl haircut, tattoos or wearing Gold, those are prescriptions in the Old Testament Law of Moses. I am a Christian and so I do not adhere to those commandments. You’d have to take that up with a Jew. Even so, your reasoning on this matter is unequivocal. Those things being in the Bible as commandments to the nation of Israel do not make the New Testament and it’s commands any more or less true.

          If you like I’d be happy to have a discussion with you regarding the Bible and why we believe it is true and is God’s Word. That would surely be a long one and might be better suited for email correspondence. Hope to hear back from you! Thanks again, Chris 🙂

  2. Great review Gene!!! I had seen this movie before, but didn’t realize it until I read your post. One thing that I disliked about this film is that in some ways I felt the movie was mocking the Christian worldview and in someways made Adam look weak and dumb. Some of this may be due to him being from a different time, but could it also be the movie saying that Christians and their ideas are out of touch with the times?

    • Thanks Eric! Yeah I get why you’d say that. He is incredibly naive and obviously sheltered. While a lot of it I think is due to the generation gap, there are some things like being a virgin, having good manners, that I think are a bit of a dig. If not a dig, definitely a contrast, which isn’t always bad. But, given how the movie ended; good guy gets the girl, takes care of parents and is generally praised for his principled values, I think it shows most of those things in a good light.

  3. Gosh, I remember this flick! One night when I was younger, I was just flipping through the channels, found this starting from the beginning and I decided to watch it. Needless to say, I had a great time with it and thought that despite the fact that he’s usually dull in stuff, Fraser did pretty well with his earnestness. However, George of the Jungle will always rank as his best role, EVER. Good review Gene.

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