14 comments on “Have a Guilty Pleasure? We do!

  1. Great picks, guys! GP are always fun. I have quite a few of my own. Waterworld is definitely a GP for me, though. I love that movie. I haven’t finished John carter but I hope too. I liked how it started but for some reason or another I get sidetracked. Awesome post. Good job, gang!

    • You got sidetracked because that movie is terrible, Vic! Hahaha. Actually, Logan told us all about a week ago he liked it and that inspired this post. Lol.

      • Haha! Yeah, that may be it, lol. I may give it another try one day. I started a similar topic on my blog but have only been able to do one. It was for a film called “The Relic” I hope to do more down the line.

        I’ve also started doing a “Movie I Love that Most People Hate” topic, too. It’s fun sharing all of the bad flicks we love with our readers, no? 🙂 Keep up the great work, guys!

  2. I actually loved John Carter, really can’t wrap my head around all the hate it gets. Sure, it’s not amazing, but it’s classic sci-fi. I LOVE classic sci-fi, so I love John Carter.

    As for my own guilty pleasures, well I have a few, but the biggest one would be G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Yes, it’s a complete mess of a film, but I still loved it. Maybe it was because I had a serious obsession with the Joes as a kid, or it’s just so-bad-its-good, but I still watch it whenever it’s on TV.

  3. I loved Waterworld so much. Even after seeing Mad Max 2, which is Waterworld without water but with the classic Ozploitation filth of the 70s/early 80s. I reckon one of my GPs is Hudson Hawke.

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