7 comments on “Oblivion: The Truth of Reality

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  2. Wonderful review!! I love the Biblical POV on your reviews here. It’s a sad reality how humans, though created by God, choose to ignore the truth. Ignorance is bliss they say, though of course there’s nothing blissful about being separate from our Lord. It’s interesting to find the Christian themes in this film, even despite Cruise’ worldview of Scientology that’s as far away as Christ’ teachings as it could be.

  3. You’re absolutely right, Ruth! And that’s what makes it so interesting. Cruise, I presume, would likely deny the truth of the Christian worldview and yet here he is affirming it in subtle ways. I’m certain this is prevalent in many films that would, for all intents and purposes, be made by the filmmakers with no religious connotation whatsoever. The fact is: all truth is God’s truth. And if secularists get the truth correctly, then they’re making the case for us.

    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the conversation.

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  5. If by “book from the fiction section” you mean the Bible then I’m kind of wondering what bookstore in your town is categorizing the Bible in fiction. And, if this really was just a way to throw stones at Christians then I hope you don’t mind me telling you — your aim is awful.

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