4 comments on “Seriously, You’re casting them for that role?

  1. I’m not fond of Affleck’s casting as Batman but y’know, I’m not gonna be a hater and keep an open mind. He’s a decent actor and reportedly he’s hired to be a consultant on the script too, so we’ll see. I respect his work as director and the guy CAN write. I also think that maybe his role might actually be smaller than Cavill as Superman, at least that’s how I read the news that they wanted Bruce Wayne to be an ‘older and wiser’ ally to Superman.

    • He is a decent actor and I have liked everything he’s directed. It’s just… I mean… he’s no Batman! I hope you’re right about the lesser role. You got any memorable mis-castings?

      • Hmmm, I actually did a post on this but for some reason I’m drawing blank. Oh wait I know, Kristen Stewart was horribly miscast in Snow White & The Huntsman. But then again I don’t think much of her as an actress as she only has two expressions tops, ahah.

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