3 comments on “Doctor Who: The Rebound, Collector’s Edition

  1. Gene this is the first I have heard to this film. You got the trench coat but did you get the Tom Baker Dr. Who Scarf?

    I have been watching all of the rebooted episodes with the misses and our boy. Good Stuff, I attempted to watch the older Tom Baker episodes that I enjoyed when I was a kid and they were painfully bad, had not aged well.

  2. The Tardis is in the movie, yes. The sonic screwdriver is in it, but he doesn’t actually use it. Some of his stuff gets taken while he’s at the hospital and he doesn’t get it back until the end of the movie (to my great disappointment).

    I do not have the Tom Baker scarf, sadly. I actually wear scarves a lot in the winter too, so that would be the perfect excuse to get one. I actually like some of the older episodes a lot. The Sylvester McCoy serials (my personal favorite doctor) were good, and some of Hartnell’s are pretty good too (especially The Aztecs and The Keys of Marinus). Granted, it’s cornier than Nebraska in the fall, but that’s part of what makes it fun.

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