8 comments on “Despicable Me 2 – More Minions!!!

  1. I LOVE those minions!!! I like that they have bigger roles here though I still like the first one a bit more. I think the moral of the story is the importance of family, which I think is a good message for kids and adults alike 😀

  2. I didn’t know if I was allowed to comment on the review itself or the film. I must say my children and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. I found myself laughing a lot but the best childrens film to sit down and watch for adults would have to be Madagascar 3

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed this movie. You are allowed to and encouraged to comment on anything you’d like. You can even tell me what a horrible job I did if you want…please don’t. 🙂 So Madagascar 3 was that good? Sounds like I should put that on the list of movies to rent. Thanks again for stopping by our blog!

      • Madagascar 3 is the absolute best! i know all of the words. Think the boys have made me watch it at least 20 times now.

        thank you for allowing me to run wild on your blog! and i so wil

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  5. Even though this spinoff lacks the flare from its “Despicable Me” originators, Minions is still a laugh-out-loud good time. The film’s outrageous humor, that’s suitable for both children and adults alike to understand and enjoy, ultimately drives this animated delighted.

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