8 comments on “October Baby: I Forgive You

  1. I am anxious about seeing this movie. I do love a good Christian film, but a bit apprehensive about the gut-wrenching details. However, I do have the intentions of watching at some point.

    • The details of the abortion aren’t harped on throughout the movie, it’s really just in the one scene with the nurse. I would highly recommend it Carrie. Thanks!

  2. I watched this movie with my wife a little while back. Totally agree with your assessment. Why is it that Christian films tend to be so poorly made? Well, it’s not perfect but this comes as close as any I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely worth a view especially for the last third of the movie.

    • Thanks N.P.! I’m hoping Christian production studios are still on the “milk” of movie making. I’ve heard “Courageous” is also very good but haven’t seen it yet.

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  4. Dude, I started watching this based on your recommendation…but 20 minutes in and I am DONE! I cannot stand the lead girl; she is a total spaz and spoiled brat! I do not feel for her one iota! She has TWO parents, yes, a mother AND a father who BOTH care for her, provided a steady and secure life who took care of her and provided a nice house and obviously supported her aspirations of acting, etc. – and ALL she can do is freakin’ WHINE b/c she finds out she was adopted. And now she wants to find her birth mother who tried to abort her!? lol.

    Oh, and at the end she “forgives” her adopted father? Really? She forgives him? For what? TAKING HER IN AND SAVING HER FROM SPENDING 18 YEARS BEING SHUTTLED FROM FOSTER HOME TO FOSTER HOME? What a jerk he is!

    There are so many foster kids out there who would give anything to be in the predicament she’s in and have two parents that care about them. What an unappreciative spaz.

    Thanks for the recommendation!!! lol. 🙂

    • Hahahaa. Well, alrighty then! Lol
      You don’t think learning that she’s adopted would cause a curiosity for who her biological parents are and why she wasn’t wanted?
      What did you think of the movie quality overall? Or did the actions of the lead ruin it all for you?

      • I didn’t think it was anything special. Of course i could understand if the lead girl was simply curious and I could even understand if she wanted to take a trip to the city and hospital and find out some information…but to get so over dramatic and act as if the sky was falling on her head, and to be angry at her adopted father, etc. it just makes me not like her as a person and not care what happened or why it happened.

        Think of this girl compared to the lead girl in “Unconditional”. that woman had a legitimate conflict; compare her to the lead in “Something, Anything”. That girl also had a legitimate conflict.

        What this girl is dealing with in October Baby is not an end of the world ordeal. Sure, it may make one wonder, but at the end of the day it’s not that big of a deal and there are many other much bigger issues to contend with; other people have much bigger issues to contend with; people are getting laid off, losing their homes, losing friends and family to Cancer, etc. – and here is this girl getting melodramatic b/c she found out she was adopted. Mind you, she was not abused in any way, shape or form throughout her childhood; she had two loving parents who gave her a great life that many kids would love to have.

        I just can’t take this movie serious; it’s just a bunch of melodrama.

        Next time I will let you know how I really do feel! 🙂

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