11 comments on “The Lone Ranger: Will He Ride Again?

  1. Nice review. One critical note: the historical joining of the railroads happened in 1869, so that would make this movie set in that year, not the 1840s as you say in your review. When I watched the movie, I missed whether or not they gave a year when they started the flashback, but I do believe that the Civil War was mentioned, so that would be historically accurate, and it would make the aged Tonto a little more believable.

    One other critique that I would make from a Christian worldview would be the portrayal of the Presbyterians on the train at the beginning of the movie and John Reid’s assertion that “The Treatise on Government” by John Locke was his “Bible.” They portray the Presbyterians very badly and later in the movie the “Christians” raid Reds looking for the heathen Indian, which is another really bad portrayal of Christians.

    Like you, I grew up with the Lone Ranger, and like you, I went into the movie expecting the absurd rather than the serious (and was not disappointed). I also caught the Princess Bride style frame story and really liked how that worked. I loved the way they tied elements of it into the flashbacks. However, I thought there was just a little too much “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the character choices, which is one of the reasons I think the movie is not doing well.

    I really hope that the poor showing of this movie does not discourage movie companies from ever doing a serious remake of the Lone Ranger. That’s something I’d like to see.

    • Eve: Thank you for the great reply. I could have been off on the dates. 1840’s was what I was remembering, but it could have started in the 1940’s with the old Tonto and then gone back to the 1880’s in the flashback. They showed the years on the screen and I didn’t get them actually written into my notes. (I try note to take too many notes during the movie because I get bad looks when I’m on my phone.) :0)

      Good points on the Christian portrayal and Bible reference. The attack on Reds didn’t take me by surprise too much, honestly. The Temperance movement was wide-spread at that time in history. In the mid-west and eastern states in was more civil and controlled. However, in the western states the movement was all but out of control. Some extreme religious female leaders led many riots and raids and took law into their own hand; often said because it was believed the law was corrupt.

      The Bible reference, though truly upsetting, I simply totally spaced mentioning it in my review. I even had it in my notes and I overlooked it. I am glad you brought it up. That could take us into a whole new tangent of priorities over God. (That would be a great discussion.)

      I truly appreciate your response and detail you brought forth.


  2. Not just comic book history: the original radio dramas of the Lone Ranger and the Green Hornet were created by the same people, and one episode of the Green Hornet connects the two.

    • Cleireac: Thank you for that history. In the early 90’s I read a new line from I think NOW comics that reintroduced The Green Hornet. It was a decent story-line and I was shocked to find out that he was related to the Lone Ranger. I love the fact that this history goes all the way back to radio shows. That’s a little before my time, but my grandparents remember sitting around the radio for shows like we do the TV today.

      Thank you for the history!


  3. Seems that someone already knew that they wouldn’t like this movie so I think someone should let someone else review the next one. Johnny Deep has done a lot of great movies and he did good in this one too I think the next Lone Ranger movie will be even better cant want to see it.

    • Someone~ If it came a cross that I didn’t like it, my apologies. I did like it. I paid to see it twice and now own it on DVD. It just wasn’t what I anticipated, I guess.

      As far as Depp goes… I’m a HUGE fan. I have seen every film he has done; even the obscure. One or two I didn’t care for: such as Cry baby. But 95% of them I do like.

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