7 comments on “Click: It’s Just Cornflakes

  1. Oh wow, I stumbled upon this movie the other day. It was about half way through. I’m embarrassed to confess that by the end I was bawling. The movie is cheesy and kind of ridiculous but it still got me. I think it was the part where he looks at his wife and says everything I wished my ex would say to me before (or even after) he left me (and our kids)…The real bitter pill is that these movies always promote the same message and still the masses don’t get it. Anyway, I agree with your rating, without the message the movie is a real stinker. With the message, it was weighty enough to make this grown woman cry (though I am still kind of mortified that I did, lol).

    • Well you aren’t alone there 🙂 I choked up a bit when he witnesses the last moment he had with his father. Kind of catches you off guard, huh?

      • Honesty I had a real WTF moment when the tears started streaming as I watched Adam Sandler in the fake rain riddling off words no one would actually ever say in an impossible scenario! Go figure.

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