5 comments on ““The Book of Eli” – When the Bookworms Become the Bullies

  1. Good review. It’s nothing special, but I liked the look of what the post-apocalyptic future would look like. Also, I think I’m just a fan of the Hughes Brothers and I was more than happy to see a film of theirs on the big-screen once again.

  2. I also loved this movie. I remember I was talking to someone about the movie and mentioned how much I loved the twist that was revealed at the end, and they were like “What?! No way!!” and had to go rewatch it lol. We walk by faith!

    The movie was a Christian piece, for sure. But what did you think of the very last scene, when the Bible was put on a shelf? What do you think that said as far as worldviews go?

    Great review!

  3. The one who seeks finds. It really was a necessary part of the plot even apart from worldview because they need to protect the word of life, it being the last copy. I do think, though, the fact that it *isn’t* anywhere but the West Coast is reflected in the state of the world in the rest of the country. So, I think there are two sides to it. Solara sought what Eli had and she found it. But, the world would be better if the word was spread. Take whichever you want to, there are valuable lessons in both.

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